Just added two (2) new songs to my playlist, firts one is Smack That by Akon ft Eminem, and the second one is Bankhead by…
robertgora Sep 03, 2006
robertgora Sep 03, 2006

The Killers

Official site of the Las Vegas-based four-piece band, The Killers, with a profile, sound clips and video, photos, shows, and more.
robertgora Aug 27, 2006

New Part of the World

I now live in Fort Smith...which is in the North West Territories...I am pretty sure its considered to be part of the Arctic. I start…
robertgora Aug 20, 2006

Politically Incorrect Alphabet, will deffinetly offend some one

ARAB                                BEAVER                          CLOWN                           DUNCE                             EVE                                   FURGUN                                  HITLER                           INDIANJESUS                              KKK                                  LEAFMAFIA                             NUN                                  OILPIG                                    QUEEN                             RHINOSATAN                             TOADSTOOL                  UFOVOODOO                         WHALE                           X-MASYELLOW MAN               ZOMBIE
robertgora Aug 01, 2006
Popeye the sailor man Vs Animevid

Popeye the sailor man Vs Anime

Huilarious video of popeye tripping out when he sees anime,
robertgora Jul 26, 2006


Its so warm up here in Vancouver. Grantede my good looks usualy elevate the temperature in a room. Last I check I am just as…
robertgora Jul 23, 2006

George Bush Quote of the Day

"I think the American people—I hope the American–I don't think, let me—I hope the American people trust me."I personaly think he is wrong. He has…
robertgora Jul 21, 2006
Iraq Show Tunevid

Iraq Show Tune

British Soldiers singing and dancing to s a show tune
robertgora Jul 20, 2006
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  • Relationship Status: WHO WANTS TO VISIT THE ARCTIC?
  • Orientation: Straight
  • Religion: Catholic
  • Drink: Yes
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  • Occupation: Aircraft Maintenance Engineer Apprentice

About Me:

I am a Polak by blood, born and raised in one of the best cities in the world (reputable publications agree with me for the past 3 years i believe), Vancouver, BC, not WA. My personality varies just like my tastes, but I am RARLEY angry, and when I am it is very comical, I do hold grudges for as long as I can rember, lucky for those who cross me i have bad memory and spelling. I listen to gangsta rap, cant realy stand club rap tho, I enjoy indie rock and roll as well as soft rock and roll. I am an aspiring aircraft mechanic, and want to work for the worlds larget AMO sometime in my life, which is Lufthansa, but Air Canada will do as well. Thats enough about me if you wish to know more just drop a line or w/e. Peace

Favorite Music:

The Killers, Eminem, Lil John, Frank Sinatra, Young Buck, Lloyd Banks, Petey Pablo, Rooney, Phatnom Planet, 213, Biestie Boys, Black Eyed Pea's, Bob Marley, Cake, Cypress Hill, D12, Fountains Of Wayne, Johnny Cash, LL Cool J, Maroon 5, Eels, Obie Trice, Warren G, TI, B.I.G., Xzibit, Ludacris, Coldplay, franz fernidad, nelly furtado, shakira

Favorite Movies:

Kill Bill 1, Kill Bill 2, Lord Of War, Jarhead, Transporter 2, 40 year old virgin, Wedding Crahsers, U571, Fight Club, Pulp Fiction, the royal tenenbaums, Band Of Brothers, Harold and Kumar go to White Castle, Hotel Rwanda, Night Watch

Favorite TV Shows:

The Oc, Futurama, Punk'd, Giligans Island, News, Big Brother, That 70's Show, The Loop, Prison Break, 24, Csi, Over There, Band Of Brothers, Over There

Favorite Books:

Dude Where Is My Country, Reefer Madness, Matchstick Men, The Da Vinci Code, Microserfs